Tips To Boost Income

Freelance writing is a business, and as a business it must be cared for and nurtured. You must actively promote your services and enhance your skills if you wish to earn more money, or even stay at the level you are currently making. Whether you are new to the industry or a long-time freelance professional, the following ten tips will help you increase your income.

  1. Make A List Of Previous Clients and Begin Making Contact.
    If you have not heard from a previous client in at least 4 months, it is time to make contact and let them know your services are still available. Your clients often become so engrossed in their own business that they often overlook writing assignments that they need completed. When you make contact, those projects are brought to the front of their lists.
  2. Create A Writing Package To Offer Potential Clients.
    The best way to win over new clients is to present them with great marketing materials. Create a package that is both digital and paper based that includes writing samples, price charts, and possibly an introductory offer for services.
  3. Article Marketing. The Internet is a place where people go for information.
    Use this to your advantage. Write articles that promote your services and include links to your site in the author resource box. Your articles should be constructed in such a way that it provides information and gives you an authoritative tone. You cannot actively promote your service in these articles; the sites will not accept marketing materials. However, you can write about the benefits of using a service such as yours, or how others can enter the industry.
  4. Blogging.
    As a freelance writer it is easy to assume that you offer many different writing services. Create a blog about each of your services and keep your blogs current and active. Blogging is essential to the success of any freelance writer.
  5. eBooks.
    Freelance writers can create a residual income by writing and publishing their own eBook. This book can be about any subject, and as long as you have it available online, it will generate an income. Many freelancers find that having eBooks to their credit also boosts the income they make from freelancing.
  6. Interact Within The Freelance Community.
    There are many freelance communities online where you can interact with your peers. These communities offer more than a social exchange; they offer insight into the industry. You will be amazed at the information you will learn by interacting on these sites. You will find out about new trends in the industry, information about potential clients, and help and support from others in your industry.
  7. Learn Something New Every Day.
    You can never become complacent when you are a freelance writer. You need to stay connected with the industry and be aware of any changes that are occurring. If a majority of your writing assignments are Internet content, then you already know how quickly the trends change on the web. If you cannot find anything new about writing, then learn something about marketing or your business.
  8. Practice.
    You should take time each day to write, even if it is not a paying assignment. By practicing all the time, you will sharpen your skills and increase your income opportunities. You can do something as simple as post comments on blogs, or something as serious as writing your novel. The important thing is making sure that you write.
  9. Distribute Brochures In Your Area.
    Many freelance writers overlook the income opportunities that are in their local communities. It is always a good idea to introduce yourself to local business owners and interact within your community. Once businesses in your area know about your services, and the ease at which they can obtain them through the Internet, you will watch your orders grow.
  10. Know When To take A Vacation.
    One of the best things that you can do as a freelance writer is schedule a vacation. People that work from home have a tendency to over work themselves because they are comfortable in their surroundings. Writing takes a clear and fresh mind; you cannot afford to be overworked. You need to take time for yourself to re-group and refresh your creativity.