Niche Writing Styles

As a freelance writer you already know that you have the talent and creativity to succeed in the writing industry. You have a mastery of language and grammar, you know how to proof read and edit. You can create text with nothing more than an idea and a few key words. However, as you look at your income level, you are wondering if you made the right decision.

As a freelance writer you should be able to write anything for any type of client – right? The answer is: no. As a freelance writer you should develop your skills in a few niche industries and then excel at that type of writing. By selecting a specific type of writing as your main writing style you can become a master of that style and charge accordingly.

The following list contains 10 of the most popular niche writing styles.

  1. News or Journalistic Writing: The Internet is active around the clock. There are always breaking news stories and human interest stories popping up. There are many websites that actively seek writers that can provide news-styled articles for their sites. Many magazines are now accepting stories via the Internet for their publications, creating more opportunities for journal-style writing.
  2. Medical and Legal Research: It is recommended that you have an educational background for this type of writing, but it is not a requirement. You will need to inform your potential clients of the experience and education you have to specialize in this type of writing. Establishing yourself in this niche can lead to a very lucrative career.
  3. Grant Writing: Many organizations know that they can receive financial aid from large corporations and government entities through grant programs. However, most of these organizations do not understand how to write a grant proposal. Establishing yourself as a grant writer will allow you to obtain work from every industry and from every part of the country. You should familiarize yourself with this industry prior to offering this service. Grant writing is time consuming and requires accuracy.
  4. Newsletters: This type of writing can be done for clients on and off line. Businesses and organizations know that communicating with clients via a newsletter is one of the best forms of advertising, but most do not have the ability to create one on their own. This type of niche market will allow you to offer your services to any industry.
  5. Business Writing: Businesses are always in need of having forms, booklets and handbooks created. The benefit of this type of writing is that the more you create in terms of business forms, the more services you can offer. You will have templates set for many types of writing and you can offer these forms to any business, customized to meet their needs.
  6. Article Writing: Article marketing is one of the best forms of marketing on the Internet. More people turn to the Internet for information and advice than anywhere else. Businesses know that they must reach these potential customers, but are unaware how to write an article for the Internet. You can create a very profitable business by offering this service to any business on the Internet.
  7. Technical Writing: Technical writing is one of the hottest niche writing markets on the Internet. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of new electronic gadgets that enter the market each day. Each of these products needs tech manuals written for them. Most writers do not like to write in this manner, so competition is often very low.
  8. Blogs: Many blogs will pay you to post comments to their blogs. A blog cannot gain advertising revenue unless it is considered popular with a lot of activity. Companies will pay you to write posts so that they can interact with you and boost their ranks in the blogosphere.
  9. Ghost writing: Ghost writing is a very specialized type of writing. You are using your talent to make another person’s vision come to life. It is a very specialized form of writing.
  10. Creative Writing: There are many companies that hire freelance writers to create short stories, greeting cards, and even love poems or songs.