How to Manage Finances as a Freelance Writer

While freelancing is a great way to get a foot in the door with professional writing, it presents unique challenges when it comes to creating a budget. First and foremost, the nature of freelance work is that it ebbs and flows: a highly lucrative month may be followed by a distinct lack of articles to […]

Creating a Successful Freelance Writing Business

Freelance writing, as an industry, continues to grow — but so does the competition for articles and income. Those who wish to have long-term success in this burgeoning industry would be well-advised to follow a few basic steps in order to establish themselves and create a brand that keeps clients coming back and requesting more […]

Three Mistakes Freelance Writers Must Avoid

Working as a freelance writer is a rewarding profession. You are given the freedom to select writing assignments that you enjoy, you can work from home, and you can work without compromising time for things that you love. The Internet has opened up many opportunities for freelance writers, and the industry continues to grow and […]

How to Find the Best Freelance Article Writing Clients

The sheer size and scope of the freelance writing profession means that writers are often bombarded with potential clients and editors who cover an even wider range of topics, writing styles, and requirements. It can be hard to find the best people to work for in this industry, but with attention to a few key […]

Mistakes That Can Limit the Income of a Freelance Writer

Freelancing — whether it’s writing or another content area — is an inherently volatile occupation. But the freelancers themselves can exacerbate the problem by making simple mistakes which can offend editors, accidentally reduce their work load, and lower their overall compensation just through a few oversights or honest mistakes. Most freelance article writers commit the […]

Creative Writer Or Freelance Writer – Which Are You?

When you embark on a career as a professional freelance writer, the first thing you must do is make the distinction between creative writing and professional writing. While every writer has a secret dream of creating the “Greatest American Novel,” most creative writing is not published for pay. Do not let this be discouraging. There […]

Freelance Article Writing: Are You Cut Out for the Gig?

The growing number of freelance websites and authors online might lead many to believe that it’s relatively easy to set up a successful career in writing articles on a freelance basis. But that could not be further from the truth: like any occupation — be it online or off — freelance writing requires a good […]